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The club was founded in march 2009 and is based at the Jarrow Alberta Social Club in South Tyneside, Tyne and Wear. The current group of members comprises of several experienced senior members of the old Jarrow S.A.C and Hebburn S.A.C clubs who came together and created the new club.

Our league runs on a points per win system, 1st place in a match gets 5 points, 4 points for 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place, with 2 points going to all members who weigh in but fail to make the top 3 places. 1 point is also awarded for attendance if a member fails to weigh in.

This systems encourages a very competitive league championship (our first seasons title was won on the last match by just 1 ounce). We offer prizes for the champion, runner-up, 3rd place, heaviest fish, best specimen and every other member gets a small prize at our annual presentation. Our season runs from march right through until february, the following year and includes local rovers and away matches. For more information, please use our contact page to get in touch.

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Latest Match Result

Saturday 13th January
24 members fished and 8 weighed in a total of 14 fish for 13lbs 12oz
1st Steve Williams thumb Steve Williams
3 Fish for 4lbs - 5oz
5 pts
2nd Andrew O`Neill thumb Andrew O`Neill
3 Fish for 2lbs - 11oz
4 pts
3rd Darren Browne thumb Darren Browne
2 Fish for 1lbs - 9oz
3 pts
4th Alan Bennett thumb Alan Bennett
2 Fish for 1lbs - 7oz
2 pts
5th Sean Start thumb Sean Start
1 Fish for 1lbs - 7oz
2 pts
6th David Lumley thumb David Lumley
1 Fish for 0lbs - 15oz
2 pts
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Individual League
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1st Darren Browne thumb Darren Browne
130 Fish for 139lbs - 7oz
84 pts
2nd Mark Daglish thumb Mark Daglish
117 Fish for 127lbs - 9oz
68 pts
3rd Michael Bell thumb Michael Bell
99 Fish for 97lbs - 14oz
57 pts
4th Steve Williams thumb Steve Williams
50 Fish for 62lbs - 7oz
54 pts
5th David Lumley thumb David Lumley
60 Fish for 57lbs - 1oz
53 pts
6th Andrew O`Neill thumb Andrew O`Neill
53 Fish for 59lbs - 0oz
49 pts
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Pairs Leaderboard

Pairs League
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1st 57 thumb 42 thumb Brian Ridley & Darren Browne
168 Fish for 127lbs - 0oz
130 pts
2nd 81 thumb 74 thumb David Lumley & Steve Williams
110 Fish for 111lbs - 8oz
107 pts
3rd 68 thumb 86 thumb Mark Daglish & Adam Johnson
137 Fish for 161lbs - 2oz
101 pts
4th 70 thumb 49 thumb Andrew O'Neill & Alan Gibson
93 Fish for 102lbs - 0oz
92 pts
5th 26 thumb 24 thumb Alan Bennett & Tony Davis
85 Fish for 84lbs - 8oz
87 pts
6th 78 thumb 67 thumb Gary McHugh & Stuart Armstrong
67 Fish for 69lbs - 13oz
78 pts
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